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John Dos Passos kommentiert PEGIDA

From Manhattan Transfer (1925)

‘No I tell you, Wilkinson, New York is no longer what it used to be when Emily and I first moved up here about the time the Ark landed … City’s overrun with kikes and low Irish, that’s what’s the matter with it … In ten years a Christian wont be able to make a living … I tell you the Catholics and the Jews are going to run us out of our own country, that’s what they are going to do.’

‘It’s not laughing matter; when a man’s worked hard all his life to build up a business and that sort of thing he dont want to be run out by a lot of damn foreigners, does he Wilkinson?’

‘The trouble with the people of this country is this, Mr Merivale’ … Mr Wilkinson frowned ponderously. ‘The people of this country are too tolerant. There’s no other country in the world where they’d allow it … After all we built up this country and then we allow a lot of foreigners, the scum of Europe, the off-scourings of Polish ghettoes to come and run it for us.’

‘And add to that the ignorance of these dirty kikes and shanty Irish that we make voters before they can even talk English.’

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